Jan 29, 2010

Toshihiko Tahara - Aishu Date (1980)

Artist: Toshihiko Tahara / 田原俊彦
Title: Aishu Date / 哀愁でいと
Released: June 21, 1980
Oricon Peak Rank: 2
B-Side: 君に贈る言葉 (アフター・スクール)


If Seiko Matsuda ushered in the new era of female idols in the 1980s, her counterpart for male popstars would be Toshihiko Tahara. A product of the perennial Johnny & Associates talent group who are responsible for churning out boy bands and teen idols for the girls to fawn over, Toshihiko made a strong entrance with his debut single "Aishu Date", an adaptation of "New York City Nights", itself the B-Side to Leif Garret's 1979 single "Feel the Need". The Japanese cover is a cleaner production compared to its American original, removing some of the heavier disco elements for a brighter instrumentation that makes it sound a bit more up to date. Despite its major success, peaking at No. 2 in the Oricon charts and granting him a spot on that year's Kohaku Uta Gassen, it is pretty clear Tahara is still working on his voice. It won't be until his second single does he start to sing more clearly and convincingly.

哀愁でいと (Aishu Date)

Music/Lyrics: Andrew Joesph di Taranto & Guy Hemric
Japanese Adaptation: Kazuko Kobayashi / 小林和子

赤い薔薇投げ捨て それで終わりにしようぜ
はしゃぎ過ぎたあと しらけちまう
火遊びみたいに 抱き合って
死ねるならいいね その日だけの恋ならば
やさしさも 無い方がマシさ

I say Bye-Bye 哀愁でいと あざやかな
Bye-Bye 哀愁でいと 笑顔みせてよ
Bye-Bye 哀愁でいと 醒めすぎた罪な奴

誰かに誘われ 君が乗り込む Yellow GT
“愛してる”なんて 疲れちまう
左であばよとドアに描き 思いきり殴る
その日だけの センセーション

I say Bye-Bye 哀愁でいと あざやかに
Bye-Bye 哀愁でいと 恋を演じる
Bye-Bye 哀愁でいと 醒めすぎた罪な奴

Bye-Bye 哀愁でいと 駆け抜けた
Bye-Bye 哀愁でいと 赤い稲妻
Bye-Bye 哀愁でいと もう二度と…
Ah ha ha ha . . .

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