Apr 5, 2009

Masako Mori - Sensei (1972)

Artist: Masako Mori / 森昌子
Title: Sensei / せんせい
Released: July 1, 1972
Oricon Peak Rank: 3
B-Side: 太陽の恋人


Momoe Yamaguchi was not alone when she made her debut into the music world. As mentioned earlier, she was one of three who graduated at the same time from the Star Tanjou! talent competition. Masako Mori was one of the other two and was the first to officially debut with her single "Sensei". During the competition, many in the industry found her voice the most appealing of the three and predicted great success in her future. Peaking at #3 on the Oricon charts and garnering recognition in the Japan Record Awards later that year, the song's strong start showed good signs for Masako. Her singing style is steady and clear, and high in register yet without shrillness. These qualities were well suited for her entrance as an Enka singer, which was rare to bestow on someone as young as she. "Sensei" has the qualities of melancholy
and more traditional melodic structure found in Enka, yet its arrangement is rather light and friendly to popular music tastes. The broad appeal of the song combined with her personal appeal would see her become a big favorite in the Enka world, and, for the time being, find a place in the dynamic and competitive world of the teen idol.

せんせい (Sensei)

Music: Minoru Endo / 遠藤実
Lyrics: Yuu Aku / 阿久悠

淡い初恋 消えた日は
雨がしとしと 降っていた
傘にかくれて 桟橋で
ひとり見つめて 泣いていた
おさない私が 胸こがし
慕いつづけた ひとの名は
せんせい せんせい それはせんせい

声を限りに 叫んでも
遠くはなれる 連絡船
白い灯台 絵のように
雨にうたれて 浮んでた
誰にも言えない 悲しみに
胸をいためた ひとの名は
せんせい せんせい それはせんせい

恋する心の しあわせを
そっと教えた ひとの名は
せんせい せんせい それはせんせい

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